is there a difference between dany winning over the unsullied by setting them free and margaery winning over the people through her kindness?

I think Dany and Margaery are exceptionally different and play different roles.  They’re both very calculating young women, but Dany must seem independent at all times.  She’s not a queen, she’s a khaleesi which means she must be queen and king both, mother and conqueror.  She’s also been sold before, which greatly colors her decision making.

Margaery, on the other hand, would never qualify what her family does as selling her.  Her ambitions are to be the woman behind the throne, to hold power covertly without drawing attention to the fact, to be loved and use that love as a mask for whatever political mechanisms she need do.

I think there’s a huge difference there.

Is that sort of what you were asking?

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